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Thorough background in the following range of activities:

Technical analysis
  Technical consultancy and assurance for machines and

installations that can access hyper depreciation (250%) according to the laws 2017 (232/2016) and 2018 (148/2017). The purpose of the analysis is to verify the compliance of the industrial good integrated into the business system with the requirements of the Agenzia delle Entrate Circular No 4/E/17 dated 30/03/2017.?On the positive result, the required expertise is released for access to the hyper depreciation according to the said law.
Estimating expertise of mobile goods
  Estimating expertise for machinery, plants, equipment and crafts.
  Techno-legal assistance
  The members of our firm are filed as technical experts

by the Civil and Criminal Court of Milan. We can assist our clients in the whole technical investigation in cases of litigations and arbitrates in Italy or abroad
  Technical advice
projects feasibility reports
risk analysis, safety of machinery reports
conformity to standards and value reports of industrial plants and equipments
due diligences
equipments and plants trials
  assistance with notified bodies
Thorough background in the following range of activities:
equipments and vessels under pressure (PED)
mechanical special devices
oil and air pressure activated devices
machines and plants for chemical industry
  machines and plants for pharmaceutical industry
  electric plants
  fire-fighting equipments and plants
  steel structures
  industrial automation of new or existing equipments
  CE products certifications
Assistance in preparing the complete technical file of a new product to be CE certified according to the following directives (standards):
  ATEX (94/9/CE)
Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  MACHINE DIRECTIVE (89/392/CEE and foll.)
Safety of Machinery
  LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (73/23/CEE and foll.)
Electrical Safety
  PED (97/23/CE)
Pressure Equipment Directive
The technical file includes all the documents to be submitted to the notified body:
Preliminary analysis to find all the certification basis requirements
Risk Analysis
Drawings and diagrams
Use and maintenance manual, owner manual

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